Expertise and Capabilities

  • Research, Planning, Negotiating, Placement and Accountability
  • Radio
  • Television/Cable
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Advertising: Newspaper, Magazine, Brochures, Signage
  • Targeted Internet Digital Advertising -All Screens (PC, Laptop, Smart Phones etc)
  • Display ads
  • Search Retargeting
  • Site Retargeting – Display/Contextual Targeting
  • Mobile Ad Network – Search, Click to Call, Ads, News Feed
  • Facebook /Social Media
  • Geo fencing
  • Email ad
  • From writing to final production

The BSSI System

With the client, BSSI establishes a Marketing Model by Product or Service

Target & Sub Targets

Hierarchy of Needs / Benefits Sought
What is the top reasons targets choose your product or service?

Competitive Analysis
What does our product or services have others don’t?
What do other products or services have ours don’t?

What is our existing positioning perception?
What piece of our targets mind do you want to own?

Advertising and Promotion
Based on all of the above steps, we research our targets by product/service to determine the most effective and efficient mediums for each product or service.

The System

A. Determine clear objectives and goals of campaign

B. Budget allocations by product/service

C. Avail appropriate media with detailed expectations Gross Rating Points, Reach, Frequency, Cost Per Point, Gross Impressions, Bonus Programs, Value Added and Promotions

D. Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

E. Present recommendations to client with complete marketing, advertising and promotional plan

F. Placement of all ad and promotions

G. Distribution of all commercials and promotional fodder

H. Receive and review spot times and placement

I. Weekly post analysis to ensure audience delivery/order under delivery bonus commercials for short GRP weeks.

J. Campaign evaluation based on stated challenges, objectives and goals.