broadcastAfter 15 years in various sales and management capacities in both radio and television, Craig R. Bender opened Broadcast Selections & Sales Inc. in January 1992.
Since that time Broadcast Selections & Sales Inc. has expanded dramatically to include promotional Partnerships with the NFL Super Bowl, Michigan Golf Shows, Michigan Resorts; Boyne, Tree Tops , Garland and Anhueser Busch and many others.

Broadcast Selections & Sales Inc. has specialized in creating significant value added promotional opportunities for all clients in nearly every medium. Through strategic partnerships, highly targeted medias, and simple yet powerful promotional ideas, Broadcast Selections & Sales Inc. has been able to garner 100% – 300% additional exposure for almost every advertiser. Most importantly, Broadcast Selections & Sales Inc. takes enormous pride in combining the most cost efficient media purchasing with solid verifiable results.

Broadcast Selections and Sales Inc. satisfies clients needs by obtaining clear objectives and surpassing their expectations. Broadcast Selections & Sales Inc. can put together successful campaigns at all levels, including national, syndication, networks, and local spot and can deliver positive results in all mediums, including radio, TV, cable, Print and Digital/Internet Advertising.

Although we have had countless successful campaigns and great client relationships, Broadcast Selections & Sales Inc.’s most satisfying feeling of accomplishment is represented by two clients — President Tuxedo and the Michigan Golf Show. The leadership of President Tuxedo and Broadcast Selections & Sales have forged a long term partnership and have been associated since the late 1970s. The Michigan Golf Show, now the largest golf show in the United States, has retained Broadcast Selections & Sales Inc. since its inception in 1990 and has proven victorious over three other competing golf shows that are no longer in existence.